Online Marriage

Sharon Vollett
Your Personal Online Wedding Officiant

With over 20 years experience, I will personalize the ceremony to make this amazing moment memorable.

Wedding Checklist

  1. Complete the form below to supply me with with all the information I will need.
  2. Apply for your license online at, and pay their fee of $80.00. (I was told possible $20.00 discount, email me)
  3. For the application you must have a Drivers License, Passport or Legal ID, you will copy it and take a selfie, and the pictures must match. (Don’t get discouraged if it takes more than one try, a groom with a beard finally made it work after 10 tries)
  4. ONLY available at Utah County, and it can all be done online.
  5. Upon application you will receive a digital worksheet for officiant that you will send to me for completion.
  6. Pay my fee of $99.00 (on this website)
  7. The digital worksheet has a QR code that correlates with your application and when I submit it, your digital Legal Marriage License is sent to you within one hour, and a recorded paper copy is automatically sent also.
  8. Yes, you can change your name with the digital copy. YOU ARE NOW MARRIED!

Call or email me with any questions. CONGRATULATIONS!

Office: 801.842.4252